about me

Hello my name is Kit and I am passionate about headshot photography. I have always been an artistic and creative person with a love for capturing portraits. This started off with pencil and paintbrush and gradually progressed to photography.


I enjoy interacting and meeting new people. I am fascinated by how everyone is different. How through examining people’s features and coaching them on their pose I can capture the person at their best.


Every headshot is a portrait, but not every portrait is a headshot, and not many people get this.


The quality of the photograph first and foremost comes from you with the help of my direction. Then my lighting set up, choice of background and editing serves to compliment you.


My studio is in New Malden south west  London. I have my camera tethered to the monitor so that I can give live feedback. This enables me to coach you on your poses.

I favour soft lighting to mimic natural light. I also have the experience to switch my lighting setup to create an edgier look.


I recommend working in my studio over outdoor shoots because from experience you don’t have to battle with the weather and the affect it has on your skin and hair.  In addition working in my studio offers you the convenience of doing outfit changes and styling your hair and makeup in a private setting. My photography style can be described as clean, crisp and the expression is key so that every photo will grab and connect with the viewer. 


If you have any queries don’t hesitate to get in contact. I would love to be your next headshot photographer.

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