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"Super pleased with Kit's service! He was fun to shoot with and worked to my goals. The final headshots were quick and exceeded my expectations!" - Dan

"Kit is a fantastic headshot photographer. He was welcoming, friendly and professional, and made me feel at ease from the moment I walked through the door. He spent time with me getting the perfect shots and kept me in the loop every step of the way.” - Fiona

"It was great working with such a professional as Kit. He knows how to help you look your best self and it was a fun and authentic shoot. Talented photographer and lovely person - exactly what you need when posing for new headshots" - Emelie

"Working with Kit was a pleasure. He puts you at ease and guides you through the process very well. He has a way of finding the right images for you as an individual. We got through a range of outfits and looks in the time we had. I learnt a lot from him. Very well priced! I'll definitely be back." - Amro

"I highly recommend Kit Moc as a headshot photographer. My recent session was well-organised and a very pleasant experience. Kit is most welcoming and takes the trouble to discuss what is going on - and he listens to what you have to say! Most importantly – the results were great; even my agent said the new shots will help my career! Headshots? Kit Moc!" - Jim

"Kit was an absolute pleasure to work with. He put me at ease straight away, and understood the looks that I wanted to achieve. I am delighted with the results and have already had many positive comments. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kit to anyone looking to update their portfolio" - Tess

“My photo session with Kit was brilliant. He is an excellent photographer who clearly takes pride in his work and pays high attention to detail. I learned so many new tips on how to pose effectively in front of the camera, and Kit’s patient and friendly nature made the session feel fun and informal. Kit provided me with a selection of quality images cropped to various sizes for my business needs, so this has been invaluable. I absolutely love my new images and can’t wait to use them” - Abi

“Thank you so much for my new headshots, it was such an enjoyable shoot and I appreciate the care and attention to detail which is needed for professional headshots. I also appreciate all of the different crops sent which will help so much with my applications. I highly recommend working with Kit if you want professional headshots!” - Christina

“I’m not usually a fan of having my headshots done but having them taken with Kit was an absolute game changer - he made me feel so relaxed and comfortable, found all my right angles and looks and gave me plenty of great advice. The session was fun and easy going. His photos look incredible, such high quality and I’m proud to publish them everywhere. Thank you Kit, I will 110% be recommending you to everyone I know” - Leona

“I would recommended (Kit) to anyone! I felt comfortable throughout the shoot, the photos are amazing quality and have even made me feel more confident in myself! The direction he gave me while taking the photos was very helpful and I’ve learnt a lot too!” - Elisha

"Loved the pictures - really pleased with how they turned out! Kit is a great photographer - he is very professional, has all the right equipment and has a few great tricks up his sleeve to make the sitter feel more relaxed" - Jo

“It was fun having Kit take my headshots, he created a relaxed environment and had great tips to improve my pose. I’m pleased with the results.” - Lucy

“Working with Kit has been a great experience, he has a good eye for detail. The studio is nice and clean and I got the edited photos very quickly!” - Elise

“I recently had a headshot session with Kit Moc at his home studio. Before the shoot, Kit informed me of everything I needed to know to prepare me for the session. I was confident on the type of clothes I needed to bring and how to do my make-up and hair. On the day, we did several different lighting and background set-ups to achieve a variety of shots. I also had the option to change my clothing to further create a range of looks. Kit was helpful at giving me direction for poses and I had a live stream of the shots in front of me so I could see the images as we went along. After the shoot, Kit sent me a contact sheet so I could choose my favourite images that I wanted to get edited. Soon after, I received my finished headshots which were available in different crops and sizes. I love my new headshots and they are a true likeness of me - I would recommend Kit Moc to anyone!” - Lucy

"Totally amazed and pleased with how my headshots turned out. Best photographer I've ever worked with. The photoshoot was fun and enjoyable. The photos look stunning!!! I 100% recommend." - Lisa

"Never known such a quality photographer like Kit. Some photographers are good with light, some with angles, some know colour. But Kit is a master of it all" - Jason

"Best headshot photographer I've met so far, manages to catch personality and provide striking pictures" - Sharune

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"I contacted Kit to ask if he could take some headshots of me for my art website. I wanted something simple, striking yet slightly creative. I've always felt tense in front of the camera but his friendly manner and informative advise on how to relax really helped me to form a connection with the camera. He worked really hard to help me achieve the look and feel I was looking for and I'd highly recommend him as a talented photographer." - Anna